Dear Gossips,

The iHeartRadio MMVAs are a Canadian summer tradition. This is a major music awards show that takes over an entire city block in Toronto, kids line up for days for their wristbands, they pack the parking lot where the stage is mounted, the energy is amazing. Over the years, as I mentioned a few weeks ago when Awkwafina was confirmed to host, the MMVAs have attracted global superstars, often at the beginning of their ascent. I work for the broadcaster that produces the MMVAs. I work in the building. So when they announced the performers and presenters list this year and my boss came around to ask me which acts I was most excited about, I told her – I love Awkwafina and omggggggggg I need to meet Kris Wu. 

Kris Wu is, in Asia, already a big deal. He was part of K-pop group EXO, he has starred in several Chinese box office blockbusters. Last October, he became first Chinese artist to reach #1 on the US iTunes chart (“Deserve” ft Travis Scott) and in April he signed a major recording deal with Universal Music to release his music internationally. In other words, he’s about to blow up around the world. Next to Shawn Mendes and 5SOS, he received the loudest reception on the carpet at the MMVAs last night. Loudest reception = teen meltdown. Full disclosure: I also had a meltdown. 

And as someone said in my Twitter mentions… 

How about Kris Wu as Carlton in the Crazy Rich Asians sequel, China Rich Girlfriend? Born in China. Educated in Canada. Back to Asia to kick off his career. He’s PERFECT, non? 

Yours in gossip,