Dear Gossips, 

Today is Prince Harry’s birthday, he’s 36 years old. And, as is the tradition now, the senior royal social media accounts have all posted Happy Birthday messages. Here they are, starting with the Queen: 


And this is Prince Charles’s: 

And this is from House Cambridge: 


I feel like this shot, of Princes William and Harry, and Kate Middleton, running down the track is kind of like an inside joke. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete or on Baywatch, it’s hard to look good running. Harry and Kate look OK here but William… 

From the grimace on his face to the way his legs are awkwardly splayed, it’s pretty goofy – and if that’s intentional, which I mean it probably is since the Cambridges are the ones who signed off on it, then I wonder if there’s something in the informality of it. Does it point to a thawing out in the relationship between the brothers? Is it that supposed to be the takeaway? Is that what it actually is or is it how House Cambridge wants to present it? 

Over the last couple of months there have been some reports that the relationship between William and Harry isn’t at tense as it was earlier this year. If that’s the case, sure, sometimes distance can help. Still, the fracture occurred because there was a trust issue. The Sussexes were being sold out. And some of the people who did the selling out are still in the Cambridge orbit. Will that ever change? 

Yours in gossip,