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For BTS fans it was a weekend of big emotion. By tomorrow all seven members of the band will be serving mandatory military service in South Korea. In anticipation of the entry, RM and V posted letters to their fans and shared photos of how they’ve been spending their days ahead of enlistment. 


In V’s case, one of those pictures included a screenshot from a video call he had with Jungkook in which they both have shaved heads, are wearing sunglasses…and not much else.


Usually what happens when Korean entertainers go into the army is that when they come out, they are ripped. So all the shirtless action we’ve been getting from band members before their enlistment might just be a preview of what their army bodies will look like in 18 months or less. 

Jimin and Jungkook will officially report for duty tomorrow. Today they were present to send off RM and V, along with Jin, Suga, and j-hope. This is the first time all of them have been together in a while. And, perhaps, the last time all of them will be together in a while as it’s not known whether or not RM and V, can duck out for a few hours tomorrow to say goodbye to Jimin and JK after just one day in service. 


Speaking of Jimin, though, it doesn’t look like he’s buzzed his head yet so he’s leaving it to the last minute. (And just as I wrote that he went live and shared his new look.)


You’ll note the presence of Suga, who’s service started in September – this I think is the first time we’ve seen him in months. Also… j-hope, with his beret, and his army fit looking like it’s actual fashion – that’s Hobi, always styling. 

It was a year ago that all members showed up for Jin’s enlistment. He now has only six months left, and it was always intended for the full group to be enlisted by the end of 2023, with a planned reunion at some point in 2025. Seems like it’s all going according to plan. And by plan… I mean PLAN. As in military precision. 


BTS’s anniversary is on June 13. That’s the biggest day on the band calendar, probably the most important day in the minds of the band and their ARMY. 

The final members to enlist, Jimin and Jungkook, are going in tomorrow, the 12th of December. 

Eighteen months from the 12th of December will basically be exactly June 13th, 2025. It’s really, really looking like that’s how precisely they’ve planned this, down to the day. In exactly a year and a half, on June 13th, 2025, that photo is going to break the internet. 

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