Technically this wasn’t Ariana DeBose’s first Met Gala; she attended back in September but of course that was before the release of West Side Story, before she became the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress Oscar, before she became the Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner. And also that Met Gala wasn’t the first Monday in May, so in my mind, Ariana can still be considered a rookie at this event, especially in comparison to some of the people who were there last night who go practically every year. 


Ariana is in Moschino by Jeremy Scott. As it is in previous years, the Moschino interpretation of the Met Gala theme is almost always on the nose, and that tradition continues with Team Moschino last night. We saw it earlier with Megan Thee Stallion and there’s a lot of gilding happening too on Ariana. I prefer Ariana’s over Megan’s though because, as Cody noted, we’ve seen Megan in similar whereas I can’t say the same for Ariana. Ariana’s been on a LOT of carpets the last six months, but none of those previous outings involved this much beading and sparkle and embroidery and extra. Also, as others have pointed out, since she’s now a proper Oscar winner, the gilding is like a self-tribute. I’m not mad at that. 

Simone Ashley also arrived in Moschino and she too is a Met Gala newcomer, fresh off the overwhelming success of Bridgerton season two and the season’s breakout star. So the outfit for sure has Bridgerton energy: 


This is a solid debut. On its own, just taking into account the design, it may not be one of the most original looks of the night but what elevates the whole thing is that the fact that she’s going for it, she is feeling it, she is making the most of her Met Gala premiere. Look at these moves!

There will be more Met Galas in Simone Ashley’s future, more opportunities to break it wide open. I don’t want her to come out and win it all the first time. That’s the thing about rookies – it’s exciting to watch the potential reveal itself. 


But while the rookies were killing it, some of the veterans did not deliver. Like Gwen Stefani. Is it on theme? Sure. Like I said, it wasn’t hard to hit the theme this year – she’s wearing Vera Wang, who is American. And the big ass skirt is certainly of the era and the gloves too. The best part of the outfit for me is the colour, this neon chartreuse or whatever, I love it. But I do not love the design, not for this night, because it doesn’t seem all that unique. We’ve seen bandeau/crop top + big skirt + bright colours over and over again on red carpets the last few years. We are accustomed to it. And for someone like Gwen, who can pull off pretty much anything, I hope for unfamiliar territory. You can go for unexplored territory at the Met Gala. This isn’t it. 


While were on the subject of unexplored territory though, Katy Perry’s standard Met Gala territory is taking the theme literally, too literally. Ahead of this year’s event she’d said that she was pulling it back and the result is… 

I disagree with this caption. I don’t think this dress is lovely, I think it’s a mess. I hate it. I hate the white piece underneath the sheer black tulle, it looks sloppy. The gloves look sloppy. I’m no fan of lace but it’s making me want more lace. Like there has to be a middle ground between hamburgers and chandeliers and her usual stunting and this too boring and too safe situation. Next year can we find it?