Dear Gossips, 

Are you ready for your eyeroll of the day? I’m eyerolling so hard over this I’ve given myself a migraine. 

Jared Leto will play Karl Lagerfeld in a biopic that he’s also coproducing. Karl Lagerfeld’s estate has approved. According to The Hollywood Reporter the project is in early development, no director has been confirmed, but the story will focus on “key relationships in Karl Lagerfeld’s life, told through an unpredictable lens, much like the man himself”. Sounds predictably pretentious. So Jared is perfect for it, of course he is. 


But even though they’re still in the planning stages, since this is Jared Leto, there are some things we can already expect. Especially on that set when they start production. Can you f-cking imagine Jared Leto not breaking character, on and off camera, for months? Some sh-t is harmless – like with the gloves, Jared will always be in gloves, and maybe he’ll adopt his own Choupette which, on the surface, is benign, but then when you consider how Karl spoiled Choupette, and the demands that Karl made on behalf of Choupette…and if Jared is going “full method”…well, someone is going to have to do that work. Someone is going to be ordered around to serve a cat. And someone, or some people, might be taking a lot of sh-t if they don’t serve the cat to Jared-Karl’s exacting standards. 


Speaking of, Choupette or not, Karl may have been an artistic genius and known for his generosity but he could also be a dick. He was extremely demanding of people who he allowed to spend time with him; they were expected to dress up all the time, and he was critical of his friends who didn’t look good in his presence. He also fat-shamed people and cut them off if they didn’t conform to his standards. And on top of all that, he was Islamophobic and a defender of rapists …

So if Jared is swanning around in true character as Karl, and he’s already shown how insufferable he can be when he’s in character and those were times when his character wasn’t a legendary megalomaniac fashion designer, how much more insufferable will he be? Think of the people who’ll have to work with him while he’s making this movie. 

Yours in gossip,