Reminder: we are dark tomorrow and Friday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and will resume posting on Monday. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAPPY HAPPY! 

It’s been over a week now since leaked audio of Tom Cruise losing it on the London set of Mission: Impossible 7 made headlines. Since then, five people have quit, and now supposedly the crew is “walking on eggshells” around him. Because they’re worried he’ll start yelling again or because he might start levitating and then trying to convert them? (Dlisted)


Cameron Diaz was ahead of her time 21 years ago because she wore a dress over pants which is a thing now and if we actually went anywhere or did anything in 2020 I would have tried to rock this look, so instead I’m attempting it in 2021. Probably the second half of 2021, the way it’s looking where I live. Right? Like by July? Please? Please by July? (Go Fug Yourself)

Chris Pratt finally has his moment as the “Best Chris”. (Cele|bitchy)

If you’re spending the next few days cooking or cleaning or walking or whatever it is that you’ll be doing and you need music to listen to, here’s a suggested playlist. (OMG Blog)

How about a Christmas-themed age quiz? Any age quiz works for me, as you know, but this one is of the season. Pick a series of Christmas movies and the quiz will tell you how old you are. I am between 26-30. Yes, that is totally true. (Buzzfeed)