Dear Gossips,

I opened this site on Friday with a note about royal egos and pettiness when writing about Princess Eugenie’s wedding and how it was also a moment for Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. As you know, for years there have been rumours about Andrew’s relationship with his older brother, Prince Charles. That Charles does not approve of Andrew’s lifestyle, that Andrew is the wild card who’s been far too indulged by the Queen, which may be the cause of his past “cringe-worthy behaviour”. And of course there’s the long-held belief that Andrew is still bitter over Charles’s supposed rejection of Andrew’s request to have Beatrice and Eugenie become “full-time royals”.

This weekend, then, was meant to be Andrew’s time in the sun. He tried to make the most of it all weekend too, posting photo after photo and video after video on his Instagram account. And it lasted… EXACTLY the weekend. And no more. Because, well, you know what was announced this morning. 

With that in mind then, let’s squeeze out one last post for Andrew and use these official portraits. Many have noted that Fergie is standing next to Prince Philip with whom she’s had a thorny relationship for years. I wasn’t looking at the adults though. My focus went straight to that badass, little Mia Tindall, royal gangster. LOOK AT HER POSE:


She reminds of Paulie in Goodfellas, when he was in prison, holding court in their apartment, waiting for Henry to come back with the shipment of baguettes, salami, whiskey, and red wine. Mia Tindall is a BOSS. 

Yours in gossip,