Yesterday, after I wrote about Chadwick Boseman’s commencement address at Howard, a few of you pointed out that the soap opera gig that Chadwick was fired from ended up going to Michael Bae Jordan. The character’s name was Reggie. Of course, I knew that my bae was on All My Children at some point but given the 9-year age difference between Chadwick and MBJ, I assumed it wasn’t for the same role. 

Turns out, the stereotypical black role that Chadwick railed against is the same one that kick-started Michael B Jordan’s career. MBJ has voiced some of the same concerns about the character that Chadwick illuminated in his speech

“I learned, I grew as an actor, I worked with professionals, I got paid. (But) No dad, no mom, a f-cking stereotypical black role in a soap opera. I saw the stereotype, so moving forward I was like, 'Nah, those are the roles I don't want to play.'" 

It’s interesting to me that both Chadwick and MBJ had the same negative experience at the beginning of their careers and they are now two of the most exciting and promising actors in Hollywood. Period. I didn’t qualify them as exciting and promising BLACK actors on purpose. The roles that Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan have been playing in the past few years have been anything but stereotypical. To echo Chadwick’s sentiments at Howard, these two actors fought for roles worthy of their talent so that the black actors who come after them hopefully won’t have to face the same battle.  

"Everything that you fought for was not for yourself; it was for those who came after you.” 

I’m kinda obsessed with the fact that T’Challa and Killmonger are connected in this way. I’m also, unsurprisingly, obsessed with Michael Bae Jordan at Cannes. He was there to attend a screening of his new HBO show Fahrenheit 451. 

LOOK AT THIS MID-AFTERNOON SNACK. Just a little something to munch on after lunch. I usually don’t share my snacks but today, you’re allowed to partake in MBJ’s delight. You’re welcome. How is anyone in this man’s orbit still breathing? 

Fahrenheit 451 is getting lukewarm early reviews. If it fails, MBJ has Creed 2 coming up for a quick redemption. He’s going to be fine either way. He’s fine every day. You see what I did there? I’ll see myself out.