Michael B. Jordan in workout gear 

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Do I have your attention? It has been a while since I’ve publicly ogled my Michael Bae Jordan. Privately, it happens daily. It has also been a while since we’ve checked in on Creed II. I’ll come back to that. First, let’s assess Michael Bae Jordan’s outfit. 

The photo agency noted that he’s leaving a dinner with the cast of Creed II. There could be something to be said here about whether gym gear is appropriate attire for dinner but maybe they just wrapped filming and went straight to dinner. Adonis Creed rocked a lot of Nike gear in the first film. MBJ could still be in his work clothes. Or, he’s just committed to that athleisure life. I am not mad at it. Lainey is – she thinks the detailing around MBJ’s chest makes him look like a ninja turtle. Sure, if Michelangelo was 6 ft tall drink of GODDAMN. MBJ still looks delicious. I’ll have a burger and a side of that, please. 

I couldn’t find MBJ’s exact hoodie on the Nike website but I did find something similar, called the Aeroloft Hyperadapt jacket. It’s not as nice as MBJ’s so that means his probably has an even more hi-tech, badass name. Listen, the man is knee-deep in production of Creed II so he’s most likely still going hard on his boxing training. Let him live in his workout gear! I’ve taken two boxing classes in the past six days (four in my life, approximately) so I truly understand the commitment and training it takes to be a boxer. You could say that I, too, am training for Creed II. After my second class in six days, I also want to live in workout gear. The sheer volume of ways in which MBJ and I are soulmates still astounds me. 

So, here’s the latest on Creed II: We know that they’re committed to the dumbass storyline with Ivan Drago’s son. We also know that Sylvester Stallone is not directing Creed II (thank Blue Ivy) and that the director is Steven Caple Jr, who by all accounts seems very capable of not f-cking this up. The script is co-written by Stallone and Cheo Hadari Coker, the showrunner of Luke Cage. My worries are starting to ease. 

Earlier this month, Tessa Thompson talked to Parade about Creed II and gave some details on where the second film will find Adonis and Bianca. 

“In terms of Bianca and Adonis, they are trying to figure out are they now really committed to each other and trying to figure out what [his new-found fame] means in terms of their relationship. Bianca’s progressive hearing loss is something that she’s continuing to contend with as she continues to make music and really tries to figure out how to make that next leap.” 

Yep, I’m in. This also gives me an excuse to end this post with my all-time favourite GIF. 

I’d be good with watching two hours of Adonis fixing up Bianca’s twists to be honest… in workout gear only. 

Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty Images

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