Jonathan Majors was seen in New York yesterday, continuing to promote Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and also the upcoming Creed III. Quantumania is now the first movie of 2023 to surpass the $100 million mark with an opening weekend box office of $120 million domestic and another $120 internationally, which means that it’s the biggest Ant-Man opening of all three movies. For the MCU, then, it’s a win. And for Jonathan, he could be looking at a double. Because Creed III opens in a week and a half. 


Early reactions to Creed III seem pretty positive. 


Full reviews are still embargoed so it’s still too soon to call it a critical hit but with Michael B Jordan directing and starring opposite a superstar in the making in Jonathan Majors, it’ll be so interesting to see how the movie performs. Also I think it’s really cute how he has his water bottle and his coffee mug with him on his morning press tour. 

While it was Jonathan’s turn in NYC yesterday, today it was MBJ’s time. He showed up at ABC Studios in a red Gucci suit over a white tank, ready for business. This after spending the weekend, with Jonathan, in Salt Lake City for NBA All-Star Saturday night…where they played up their rivalry from the movie. 

Keep it coming! The big Hollywood premiere for Creed III is happening next Monday, February 27. We’ll be getting a LOT of MBJ and Jonathan content as we countdown to the release date.