Dear Gossips, 

As people close to Chadwick Boseman continue to publicly share their thoughts on his passing, it’s becoming even more obvious how committed he was to not allowing his cancer to affect his work – and their work too. Here’s Michael B Jordan’s tribute to his big brother, his mentor, his colleague, his friend: 


“But the thing that hurts the most is that I now understand how much of a legend and hero YOU are.”

MBJ seems to be suggesting that like Ryan Coogler and Spike Lee, who have both said in recent days that they were unaware of what Chadwick was battling privately, he didn’t know. And as we’ve heard from so many people, including other members of the MCU, it’s a testament to his grace, his courage, his strength, that Chadwick was able to deliver his iconic performances, one after the other, while fighting a real villain. That was his commitment to his work…

But also?

It was his commitment to THEIR work. 

He didn’t allow cancer to come between him and his creativity and he didn’t allow cancer to affect the creativity of the artistic community he belonged to. Making movies and television and musicals and plays, this is teamwork – and it’s energy exchange. Chadwick Boseman refused to limit the energy exchange between him and his fellow artists so as not to compromise the potential of telling the best story they could possibly tell. So that they could all look back at the end and be able to say… we left it all out there, this is as good as it gets. 

When you give, you don’t regret. That is true power. 

Yours in gossip,