We’re almost there – Creed III comes out three weeks today, which is why Michael B. Jordan has already been out on promotion for his directorial debut. He hosted Saturday Night Live, he was on CBS Mornings with Gayle King and, as Stephanie wrote the other day about the interview, seeing as this is his first major press tour since the end of his relationship with Lori Harvey, he’s not only willing to discuss the experience, instead of throwing up a “no personal questions” warning, he’s speaking about it sensitively, acknowledging that the heartbreak of the situation has also allowed for opportunity to grow and learn. (OK but can we just take a quick moment and give yet another salute to Lori, because one of the biggest movie stars of the millennial generation is out here in these streets talking about getting over her?!) And yet it hasn’t become a distraction from the priority, which is to promote the movie. 


The Creed III press tour took him to Mexico City yesterday where MBJ showed up in a tan tweed suit accessorised with a beautiful lapel pin. Jonathan Majors, who plays Adonis’s opponent, wasn’t there but that’s not surprising with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania just a week away, his presence right now has to be associated with the MCU and not Creed Cinematic Universe. It’s not like MBJ would mind either. Using the momentum from the MCU and Jonathan’s rise in popularity out of Ant-Man as the MCU’s new Big Bad will only benefit Creed III as Jonathan’s character, Damian, is said to be one of the most formidable adversaries in the Rocky-Creed Universe. In fact, I don’t think the Rocky-Creed Universe has ever cast an actor with Jonathan’s credentials in the “villain” role. And by credentials I mean Jonathan’s status in Hollywood right now as one of the most electrifying and versatile performers to emerge in the last five years. 


As Sarah wrote recently during her Sundance coverage, Jonathan could be in for an Oscar nomination by this time next year for his work in Magazine Dreams. So if you consider what his 2023 could look like by the end of it, with a Marvel feature, and Creed III, and an acting showcase as the star of an independent film, what we have in Jonathan is an all-rounder, a star who 100% can step to MBJ and challenge him for the crown. 

And that, in turn, makes MBJ look even better in his directorial debut. During early test screenings of Creed III, it was reportedly Jonathan’s Damian that many people started rooting for. MBJ would have expected this, maybe even welcomed it. So there doesn’t seem to be any ego here, and there can’t be because it gets in the way of the story. 


Now that the film is actually screening for audiences, reactions now seem to be matching what they were months ago during the test period. 


But celebrities, who are typically so insecure, can sometimes have a hard time getting out of their own way to make more space for themselves going forward. For his first time out as an actor-director it would appear that Michael B. Jordan has at least figured that part out. I’m so excited to see this movie.