I’ve been obsessed with the Quincy Jones GQ feature for four full days. I can’t stop thinking about it. Lainey told you to read it on Tuesday. If you haven’t read, go read it. Seriously, stop reading this and go read that NOW. Maybe it’s because Quincy Jones has been on my mind lately but there’s a quote of his I can’t get out of my head: “Your future is so bright it burns my eyes.” He said that to Oprah right before casting her in The Color Purple. I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot because of my man, my bae, my everything, Michael B. Jordan. The future in general feels a lot more bright after watching Black Panther but my god, MBJ’s brightness is blinding. 

I know that Michael B. Jordan is already Michael BAE Jordan for so many people, not just me. Some of y’all even slide into my DMs and try to tell me he’s yours. I’ll fight you all. So, yeah, he’s already a heartthrob. He’s surpassed being an Internet Boyfriend. And still, I feel like now is an appropriate time to yell that I SAW HIM FIRST because after the rest of the world sees Black Panther, anyone who didn’t already have a MBJ problem is going to have an MBJ problem. 

In a couple weeks when Black Panther comes out – after I’ve collected my thoughts and can coherently string together a sentence about how I feel about it—I’ll write more about Eric Killmonger and Michael Bae Jordan as a Marvel villain. For now, I’ll just say BELIEVE THE HYPE. Lainey wrote this week that critics are already lauding the performance. MBJ proved himself as a charismatic, lead action star in Creed. He proved he has the dramatic chops to deliver a devastating performance in Fruitvale Station. He proved he can create characters who burrow their way into your heart and stay for years with Friday Night Lights and The Wire. After Black Panther, it’s going to be clear that there’s nothing he can’t do. So, I’m going to yell I SAW HIM FIRST one last time, take a deep breath and release him to the world. Theoretically. In reality, he’s still mine and I’m still going to marry him one day. 

Michael Bae Jordan talked about his relationship status recently and what everyone is picking up on is that he says he’s “technically single.” MBJ was responding to a question asked on the Black Panther premiere red carpet by ET.  The reporter brings up a WSJ Magazine feature where he said he was “technically single.” She then asks him to explain what that means.

"Technically I'm single. Dating but, you know, technically single."

This isn’t a complicated concept to me. It sounds a little shady, like he’s a player or a f-ck boi, as the kids say, but that’s not how I interpret it. He’s just dating some inconsequential (although I’m sure very lovely) women before he decides to settle down with me and his adorable parents.

Back to MBaeJ’s future. In a new interview with Deadline, he talks about his feature film directorial debut, an adaptation of David Barclay Moore’s novel The Stars Beneath Your Feet. In preparation for that, Michael B. Jordan directed his first commercial for Brisk. There’s a lot of good work porn in this interview, like what MBJ learned about directing and the projects he has in development with his production company Outlier Society (he just hired a black woman as Head of Production and Development) but the most interesting and comforting quote from the Q & A was this: 

“I’ve learned that directing takes a lot of work, and I want to really be able to focus. I want to put my all and my everything into it until it’s finished, until it’s done and not worry about having to act in this and going over there and do that. I really want to be locked in and focused, so I want to clear some things off my plate first and then be able to give this project the attention that it deserves and needs.”

He’s not going to rush it. He’s putting in the work but doing small commercials first. He’s going to take his time and deliver his official directorial debut when he’s ready. He’s creating roles and stories that are worthy of his talents but he’s also at a point in his career when his options are limitless. That’s something most black men in Hollywood can’t say.  Happy Black Future Month. We’re going to be talking about MBJ’s brightness for a long time. Is it irrational to be this proud of someone you’ve never met? 

Watch the MBJ-directed Brisk commercial spot below.