Originally this post was just going to be me telling you, look, new photos of Michael B Jordan, out with his frinds and who can ever complain about that so why do I need to write any more words? But then I checked his Instagram – and there is more to say about growing up and that moment many of us are familiar with: 


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There comes a point, right? One night, you’re at the club and suddenly all you want to do is to be back on the couch, with a book, or watching the same movie for the 10th time. Anything but having to stay upright surrounded by sweaty people shouting at each other because the music is too loud. 

Not that I don’t like a party. It’s just at some point, you get more selective about the parties. Sounds like that’s what happened to MBJ’s friend Chad – and it was his BIRTHDAY! And… he’s a dude. Meaning his clothes weren’t tight, his shoes were flat. Because that’s another layer of pain in the ass-ness for a lot of women. At least it was back in the day. Now, since we have so many more footwear options, I am never at a party in heels, ever. Although it’s still a whole process, having to brush your hair, and put on a clean sweater or a t-shirt, instead of staying at home with a gummy and the remote control. 

You know who doesn’t understand this though? You know who can still get it up for the club, on any occasion, or for any party, who has no interest in becoming more selective about where he goes and when? Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo is never not up to party. He would never, ever choose the couch over the club.