I posted last week about Michael B Jordan hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time and how much I was looking forward to him showcasing a different side of himself. That, after all, is the whole point. And that had to have factored into his reasoning for accepting the invitation. For the challenge of doing live sketch television. For the opportunity to flex a skillset he’s not often able to flex. As he said during the monologue, “sometimes, I can take myself a little too seriously”. But on Saturday, he put all of that aside and just went for it. He was silly, he was committed, he was energetic, he was game. So game that he even made a joke out of his personal life and his first “public breakup”. 


That, of course, would be a reference to the end of his relationship with Lori Harvey so, once again, Lori Harvey stays winning, LOL. But to go back to MBJ, that became part of the comedy as he used it for material and talked about the internet’s reaction to him getting dumped, humble-bragging about his physique, declaring that he’s now on Raya, and then proceeded to get hit on by several members of the cast.

He killed that opening and while the rest of the show and the writing fell short of his potential, the star power that MBJ brought to that stage is undeniable. If there was anyone still questioning why MBJ, well, the answer was fully on display on Saturday night. The talent, the charisma, the sex appeal… the It. MBJ has It. All of It. He is the exception to the idea that movie stars are no more. Michael B Jordan is 100% a Movie Star.