Taylor Swift’s new video will be released tomorrow night. Michael K lists off all her inspirations – the most dominant one being Ghost In The Shell. That would be Scarlett Johansson’s sh-t movie that everyone got mad at because of the whitewashing. Also it made no money and is considered a bomb. Which is what Taylor’s song, Ready For It, has in common with the movie. The song hasn’t been the chart topper that we’re used to seeing from Taylor. It came out. And beyond her fanbase, most people forgot about it. Will that change with the release of this video? (Dlisted) 

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender are on their honeymoon and posing with fans. And it seems like he’d rather you talk about this than about his sh-tty movie, The Snowman. As Sarah wrote in her review yesterday, the film makes no sense, partly because they didn’t even shoot the entire script, and nobody went to see it. Does Michael Fassbender need a Career Prospectus? (Cele|bitchy) 

George Clooney’s Suburbicon opens this weekend. It’s also Halloween weekend. I’m not sure how motivated people are going to be to see his film. I’m not sure the most hardcore Matt Damon fans will be into seeing this film this weekend. They’re selling this together though, doing interviews together, and doing Jimmy Kimmel together, sort of. I think I’m ready to say that I’m over this bit. I think I would have preferred to listen to the three of them, who clearly know each other well, talk about their industry, and how they want to actually change the perception of it. (Pop Sugar) 

Nicolas Cage is pissed that a Japanese corn snack has used his face on the packaging. But that’s really not what this story is about. This story is about how hilarious it is that Nic Cage, who has been the subject of so many bonkers stories, is now the subject of another bonkers story. Also, I would like to confirm that the Japanese are indeed the world champion of snacks. Japanese snacks are sold at Asian grocery stores. I don’t understand why Japanese snacks aren’t carried in Western grocery stores. What they’ve been able to do with seaweed alone is astonishing. I have a snack drawer in my office. Most of the snacks in the snack drawer are of the seaweed variety. And you’re about to sneer that this means they’re healthy. Well you don’t know sh-t until you’ve had a tempura seaweed chip. That’s right. That’s fried batter attached to a piece of seaweed and I’d put it up against any potato chip you bring to a fight. (Pajiba) 

Drake’s birthday was yesterday and he celebrated in LA last night after. Every celebrity wanted in. Including Leonardo DiCaprio. Who was probably on his phone all day (forever thanks to Edward Norton for providing us with that insight, about Leo constantly on his phone, “where’s the party”-ing from Cannes to Hollywood) trying to make sure he could come with several members of the Pussy Posse Wolf Pack. Which is definitely not what Drake would be doing if it was Leo having a party. At this point, Paris Hilton is more selective about the parties she goes to. That’s who Leo is now. (TMZ) 

Not so fun fact about Kathleen: I’m pretty sure what I have is from her. She was sick last week, out for two days. And now I’m down with it. Fun fact about Kathleen: she hates turtles. Like terrified. I’ve seen her see a turtle and run screaming down the hall, possibly crying. While the rest of us, her asshole friends, laughed our asses off. Kathleen, then, is one of the few people whose heart wouldn’t be warmed by this story. About Jonathan, the 186-year-old tortoise and his life partner, Frederic, who used to be known as Frederica. (OMG Blog)