There are always celebrities front row at fashion week in New York. The Michael Kors fashion show, however, had an almost excessive amount of celebrities in attendance. MK is always popular, but I feel like this year was on a whole new level. Just a sampling of the people who were there today in no particular order, just off the top of my head: Tiffany Haddish, Ariana DeBose, Lisa Rinna, Kelsea Ballerini, Ellen Pompeo, Jesse Williams, Kaitlyn Dever, Anitta, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, and Emily Ratajkowski, ahem. It's a lot of people. So many people they could have just done a whole fashion with just the famous people and not the models. 


Anyway, when it comes to Michael Kors, you can always count on Blake Lively, she’s a regular. Blake showed up today giving bombshell. A gold jumpsuit with disco hair that isn’t my favourite look because of how the pant leg widens at the knee but I get it because of the 70s vibe. It just isn’t my preferred aesthetic. 

Blake Lively arrives at the Michael Kors SS24 showel Kors S24 show

I do however enjoy Vanessa Hudgens in brown – a fall look if I ever saw one: belted turtleneck dress, cape over the shoulders, high boots, and hair middle part slicked back. It’s a classic, you could wear it 40 years ago and you can wear it 40 years from now. 

Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the Michael Kors SS24 show

And finally Rita Ora. I am clothes blind when it comes to Rita Ora, and what I mean by that is that no matter what she’s wearing, I don’t notice it and I don’t remember it. It all looks the same to me even if it’s totally different. Is there a word for this? 

Rita Ora arrives to attend a Michael Kors NYFW event in New York

The reason I’m talking about Rita though is because I was assigned to the Next Goal Wins premiere last night for ETALK (Sarah’s review is here) and while we were waiting for Taika Waititi to show up and going over our questions, one of which had to do with being a newlywed, someone standing close to us mentioned that they hoped Rita would turn up, even though she wasn’t on the tip sheet. 

My response was that I could totally see her coming, because those two are thirsty like that. And Rita possibly could have come… if not for fashion week. The girl doesn’t turn down a red carpet, it’s just that she happened to have another choice. In New York with so many other stars doing fashion, or in Toronto with fewer stars doing film? Please. It wasn’t a choice at all. As if she was going to miss fashion week.