It’s Native American Heritage Day in the US. A day makes it all better! Anyway, here’s First Nations activist Michelle Chubb, aka @IndigenousBaddie, on growing up Indigenous, activism, and the damage of centering whiteness in history. (Popsugar)


The window for New York’s Adult Survivors Act ended on Wednesday, thus the rush of claims against famous men going back years and decades. One such case—a Jane Doe has filed suit against Jamie Foxx for sexual assault in 2015. She previously filed a suit in 2020, but it was dismissed. She filed again under the NYASA in a different district, but Foxx’s representative says Foxx will “pursue a claim of malicious prosecution” against Jane Doe. I don’t know if refiling her suit is “malicious”, or if Jane Doe is hoping to find someone to take her case seriously. It’s not like the judicial system is easy to navigate, especially if you’re going up against a wealthy, connected man. (Celebitchy)

Carl Rinsch is best known as the original director of Keanu Reeves’ bomb 47 Ronin who was ultimately pulled off the project, but now he might become best known as the guy who (allegedly) grifted Netflix. He was making a sci-fi series called Conquest which counted Keanu as one of its early investors, when Netflix came aboard in 2018 and poured more money into the project. They expected twelve episodes in return, but no episodes were ever completed, and Rinsch and Netflix are now in arbitration over the matter. 


Allegedly, Rinsch blew production money on cars, crypto, and stocks before Netflix ended up canning the project and writing off $55 million. This is maybe the only valid use of the tax write-off, when someone is blowing production money and it becomes clear you’re never getting your project completed. That’s a good time to cut and run, though it still sucks for the cast and crew whose work will never see the light of day. (New York Times)

Controversy in the world of ballet! The Syracuse City Ballet fired five of their eight company dancers after a labor action by the dancers seeking safer working conditions for themselves, but also for the student dancers who participate in the annual Nutcracker performance. The issue involves the artistic director of the company and students (allegedly) being pressured to snitch. Drama! But also, the risk of serious injury in ballet is high, you can’t have unqualified people leading dance companies, c’mon. (CNY Central)