Kinda mad at Michelle Monaghan here for wearing this on the weekend because this would totally have been a candidate for Outfit of the Week, I love this look so much. And you know what she and her stylist, Karla Welch, have done here? They’ve shown us that taffeta actually works… in one colour: caramel. 

I HATE taffeta. But for some reason, in this shade of brown, taffeta is totally palatable. The shape helps too. That is, there’s not much shape. Or strategically no-shape. I will always love a sack dress that wants to be a sack dress. Especially a sack dress in caramel that’s accented by a bright green bow. It’s such a clever bow too because it’s woven into the caramel instead of being a standalone. And that green – in the clutch too – really, really POPS against the dress. And the cuff! DYING over that cuff.