HOLY SH-T, what now, huh? I blanked on this knowledge, like it’s not that I don’t remember, it’s that I actually didn’t know it… which I guess is how TikTokkers feel every time you tell them what happened five years ago, LOL. The Fug Girls are going back 20 years to the SAGs and this couple showed up together. (Go Fug Yourself) 


In addition to The Iron Claw, I guess now we know why Jeremy Allen White has been working out so hard: Calvin Klein. And also Rosalìa. (The Cut) 

The Jeffrey Epstein discourse on social media is a mess right now. To no one’s surprise, Prince Andrew showed up in the Epstein files. And there is some new information about other girls he was alleging engaging in sex trafficking with. Of course the British tabloids aren’t covering that with nearly as much vitriol as they do when it’s about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Cele|bitchy) 


In the country where I live, when you say the words “Stanley” and “cup” together, you think of one thing and it’s related to hockey, the fourth or maybe fifth most popular professional sport and not exactly gaining in popularity. If I sound like I’m not a hockey fan, you are right. Which is why I find it funny AF that the “Stanley cup” everyone is currently talking about has nothing to do with the NHL and more people probably care about it than the trophy. For the record I don’t own one and never will because in my mind the people who have them are all named Ashleigh. (Pajiba) 

The Golden Globes are happening in three days hosted by Jo Koy. I don’t love the organisation but I’m happy that Jo will be on such a big stage representing. He’s a big deal – and it’s time for him to be acknowledged as a big deal. At the same time… I also feel grudgy about the fact that he was such a last minute announcement. As he tells THR, it’s been only nine days of preparation for him. This man has NOT slept! (The Hollywood Reporter)