It’s a THEMED Gala! Where the theme is about what you wear! THEEEEMMME! 

Do these two really deserve to be yelled at in the same breath? Maybe not, though I think putting them in the same category is understandable… and yes, they’re both wearing Louis Vuitton, but that’s not what the issue is here. 

Look, if Emma Stone wore this gorgeous navy military-esque dress anywhere else, we would be overjoyed. As Lainey moaned, “Where were these at the Oscars!?” It’s a great, great dress, but among all the trains and chain mail and elaborateness, it doesn’t just look like playing it safe (though it *does* look like that), it also looks like not trying. Like, I love the dress, but I’m not feeling it in this context at alllll, which is especially annoying given that Emma can do so well when she’s in her groove. 

Michelle Williams, on the other hand…

At one point tonight I was ready to rescind the ‘fashion darling’ crown. 

It’s not just that the dress is a reeeealll stretch to make it to the theme – don’t tell me this is Joan of Arc-y when you see everyone else I have on my assignment list tonight! I guess it could loosely be armour, or the leather studs could be, like, evocative of glamorous pews somewhere? 

But first of all, it’s reminiscent of many dresses she’s worn before. Like her 2017 SAG dress. Or this at the InStyle Awards a few years ago. Both of those are Louis Vuitton. 

Or maybe I’m just mad because: 

Michelle Williams (2016)
always disappoints (2014)
At the Met Gala! (2013!)

What is it about this event? Does she not like coming? Is she too self-conscious about the ‘costume-y’ aspect? Is Anna Wintour categorically refusing to let Busy Philipps in and so Michelle is doing this in protest? 

I don’t GET IT. 


It’s just… she could be so good. I don’t understand. Help me understand?