Transformers: Rise of the Beasts opens this weekend and the premiere happened in Brooklyn this week. Michelle Yeoh is in the movie as Airazor, one of the Maximals. I only learned what a Maximal was when I saw the movie ahead of the junket last weekend. Maximals are like Autobots, only in beast form… I think? And Michelle’s beast form is a falcon which is the right answer. Anyway, Michelle wasn’t at the premiere because she was in Lake Como instead for a Dior event. That, for her, is also the right answer. (Go Fug Yourself) 


According to the Sun, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have broken up again. It’s the Sun so it’s very possible that this story is full of sh-t. But even if they made it up, it reads as believable because they got back together so recently and they’re still so young, it would totally track that they got caught up in their own romantic nostalgia but have since come back to earth. And if they didn’t break up it’s still a win-win because Shawn and Camila got back together so recently, it’s very possible that they’re still working out the parameters of their reconciliation and the on-off thing definitely happens in these cases. Because when have there ever been any consequences for the Sun getting it wrong? (Dlisted) 

A columnist for the Daily Mail, one of the publications that Prince Harry is suing, has written a piece about how King Charles should give Prince Harry an ultimatum: stop this crusade against the tabloids or risk losing your title. Which kinda reads like the Daily Mail is giving the king an ultimatum: discipline your son or risk this paper turning on you. It’s bananas. Like, here is a publication that is being sued by Prince Harry turning around and essentially urging the king to punish Prince Harry because he is suing them! And there are people who still think these tabloids don’t operate with impunity?! (Cele|bitchy) 


Sarah and I both mentioned The Atlantic piece on Chris Licht earlier this week – which was not meant to be a hit piece, it was really just meant to profile the controversial work Chris Licht was doing at CNN. The Atlantic piece unpacked the controversy, it did not create the controversy. Chris Licht and his boss David Zaslav did that all by themselves. And now David Zaslav has fired Chris Licht. So who’s going to replace him? Who wants this job?! (Pajiba) 

Canada has been trending on social media all week because of the wildfires that are raging across the nation and the smoke and smog and general toxic air that has made its way to the United States. This has been a major story in our country for weeks. For those of you who are just being introduced to it though, Vox has a good explainer. (Vox)