Miley cancels on Teen Choice

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Miley Cyrus was supposed to perform at the Teen Choice Awards last night and they were giving her the Ultimate Choice Award, apparently the highest TC honour. Miley showed up for sound check. But it was announced shortly after the live show started that she would be a no-show. And this is what she posted on Instagram to explain her last-minute cancellation:


To my dearest fans & all of those watching @teenchoicefox ! I want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for presenting me with #TheUltimateChoiceAward ! I am beyond bummed I couldn't make it to the show as I had every intention of being there to accept and celebrate this honor! I created an unrealistic schedule for myself which leads me to this announcement! I've been tryin to keep the secret but I can't hide it any longer! My new single / music video #YoungerNow will be dropping this Friday , Aug 18th & I am sooooooo EXCITED to share it with all of you! I hope to always make people smile and shine light thru my work! I look forward to making music for the rest of my life and I'm thankful everyday for those who listen! I am sending so much love and peace into the world right now because THATS what we need most! Love Love & more LOVE! ❤️💙💚💛💜❤️💙💚💛💜

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So she has a new song coming out on Friday. And she “created an unrealistic schedule” for herself. Remember about a decade ago, the trendy official reason for dropping out of events or not going to work was “exhaustion”? Is “created an unrealistic schedule” the new exhaustion?


Probably not. Because Miley is not Lindsay Lohan. Unprofessionalism has never been part of her brand. Being overscheduled, however, is definitely something Miley is familiar with. It’s a part of being young and famous. See also Millie Bobby Brown, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears. What I’m reading from this statement is that Miley’s been overscheduled – this time not by Disney executives but by herself, or at least her own grownup management team. And whatever happened, given that it was so last minute, either she lost her voice, the way Rihanna did at the Grammys in 2016, or it was one of those realisations in the moment that, oh f-ck, I can’t keep up with all these commitments. Which still confuses me because Miley’s not new at this. So what we have here is a Show Your Work situation. Who’s doing the scheduling? And how will her schedule be adjusted?

Miley’s new album, Younger Now, is scheduled for September 29. Presumably it’ll be a standard album release schedule – appearances, performances, magazine interviews, award shows, touring, etc. Getting their sh-t together now then, 6 weeks ahead of the release, is the priority. Because if overscheduling is the problem even before the album drops, it’ll be unmanageable by the time she has to give it the full push. 

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