If you’ve ever wondered what Prince Big G would do if he was a dolphin, your question has officially been answered. This is the Big G of dolphins, leading his dolphin army, and telling a dude to get the f-ck off his ride. Actually no. He didn’t tell him. He made him. Except the Big G of dolphins isn’t wrong. The real Big G is descended from a line of conquerors who take over other people’s territories. The Big G of dolphins is simply defending his own rightful space. I don’t understand why we need to know how the dude feels, either. Who’s going to say that the Big G of dolphins is wrong here? (Dlisted) 

There are so many follow-up questions I have about this story. The story is that Blac Chyna is pregnant. The details however are the prime time gossip. Like… how they met. And… his life philosophy about why he doesn’t wear condoms. Which is actually congruous, if you think about it. I guess? What are they going to call this child? I’m actually dying to find out. (Cele|bitchy) 

How many pairs of Converse do you own? I have a lot of Converse. You start with the basic colours – white and black and also a pair of red chucks can really make an outfit. There’s the practicality of a waterproof pair too. And we haven’t even gotten to high tops yet. Miley Cyrus has a new line of Converse coming out. I think I’m going to have to get the platforms. They’re CUTE. The glitter ones I can leave. But the platforms are making me really happy and I’m already thinking of wearing them all summer with my short dresses. You know the best part? Converse are not (typically) very expensive. (Pop Sugar) 

Ryan Reynolds is, indeed, great on Twitter. And this not the first time he’s been appreciated. It’s just the latest time he’s been appreciated. This is an excellent Ryan Reynolds Twitter appreciation post. You know how we keep having the Best Chris debate? Why isn’t there a Best Ryan debate? Surely there are enough Ryans, right? Well, no. Only two Ryans matter, probably: Reynolds and Gosling. Reynolds definitely has the edge over Gosling on Twitter. Is that enough to take him right over the top? (Pajiba) 

Sasha Obama is hanging out with Cardi B and Offset and I’m dying right now so I can only imagine what Kathleen’s reaction is. Actually, our reactions are probably the same: “Sasha and Cardi, yay! Why does Offset have to be included?” Right? (TMZ) 

What are you doing on May 19th? Some of you are watching Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle, right? If you’re in North America, it’s a (very early) breakfast situation. If you’re in Europe, this is lunch. If you’re in Asia, it’ll be a dinner. In Australia it’ll be a late dinner. And no matter what network you choose for your royal wedding enjoying, you can be guaranteed that there will be no swearing. No one will be saying, “What the f-ck is that thing on her head?” in any of that coverage. Unless you’re watching Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon’s The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish! on HBO. (Entertainment Weekly)