It’s been a week of breakup content from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. To cap it all off, Miley dropped a new song last night called “Slide Away” that most people are assuming is about breaking up with Liam. The timing, the lyrics – it would be ridiculous to suggest that this isn’t what it sounds like it is. Which is why people are CSI-ing the lyrics. 

Previously on Miley & Liam: The End (again), sources on both sides were leaking about who was to blame. Team Liam was saying she’s a cheater, Team Miley was saying that she tried to make it work, wanted to go to therapy, but that he was partying too much and getting moody. In “Slide Away”, Miley makes reference to “whiskey and pills” – does this mean that Liam’s behaviour and habits was a problem?  

Or is it simply that “we’re not 17, I’m not who I used to be, you say that everything changed, you’re right – we’re grown now”? 

That’s a long time to be with someone, and during such a volatile time of change. When you combine that with the difference between the “ocean” and the “city”, it’s a literal representation of lifestyle and a metaphorical representation of how they’ve drifted in personality, in interest, in compatibility – and this seems like a more complete portrait of a breakup that probably was in progress long before she was photographed with Kaitlynn Carter. 

If we’re fixated on timing though, Miley’s sources insist that they’ve been over for a couple of months. They were together on June 6 at the Saint Laurent show:


And Liam was seen with his family on Father’s Day a week later still wearing his wedding ring:


But as TMZ points out, by June 24, when he was papped going for groceries with his family, the ring had come off: 


If Liam’s ring wearing is any indication (and I don’t think it’s always a reliable gossip tip but in this case, given his habits, it’s worth considering), and Liam and Miley haven’t been seen together in public in weeks, it’s possible the separation happened well before the photos of her kissing Kaitlynn Carter were taken last weekend. And this is why he’s spent the last month with his family, both in LA and in Australia.

A few days ago, there was talk that this wasn’t permanent. “Slide Away”, however, sounds pretty permanent? Did she write it this week? Or is this what she’s been working on for a couple of months? Is this how she’s telling him it’s over and not just temporarily over? Is this the final word on it?