Miley Cyrus makes it difficult to dislike her. It’s annoying. I’m constantly annoyed by how likeable Miley can be because she is, as the kids say, a #problematicfave. But there are certain things about Miley I can’t deny, no matter how much I want to. 

Last night at the Grammys, Miley’s talent was irrefutable. Her swagger was unmatched. Her star power, undebatable. Miley’s first appearance on the show was with Shawn Mendes. She was accompanying him on his song “In My Blood.” It’s Shawn’s song. He started solo with his guns out, making sure no one forgot that he’s delicious and Miley came in as backup. As soon as Miley showed up, Shawn seemed to be the one providing backing vocals on his own song. She out-performed, out-sang, and out-shone him on every front. I would’ve felt bad for him if they both didn’t look so freaking hot performing together in matching black. If Shawn was cooler, and if Liam Hemsworth wasn’t Liam Hemsworth, I might even Gossip Genie ™ these two together. They were that HOT. We all know Shawn could never keep up. 

Later, Miley was back on stage to honour her godmother Dolly Parton. God, I love it when she sings “Jolene.” Miley’s is the best rendition aside from the original. I said what I said. She ended the performance with “you’re the best, Aunt Dolly” which may be the best humble brag in Grammy history so I’m not even going to knock her for it. If I could call Dolly Parton my “Aunt Dolly” I’d be yelling that sh-t on national television too. 

The Dolly tribute was solid, mainly because Dolly did all the heavy lifting herself. The weakest moments came from Katy Perry, bless her heart, who tried to sing live beside Kacey Musgraves. She’s lucky Kacey was wearing a busted ass wig (or extensions?) because Kacey’s hair was the only thing to distract from Katy’s disastrous tribute. I get that singing in front of people for a living is hard but Katy Perry gets paid millions of dollars to do it and *whispers* she’s not very good at it. 


Seriously. I’m sorry I’m making you relive this but there needs to be a constant reminder so Katy doesn’t ever try this again. 

Next to Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus is making is really, really difficult to dislike her.