It was reported earlier this week that Ben Affleck and Shauna Sexton were no longer dating and that it wasn’t serious to begin with, even though they’d just gone fishing or something last weekend. A “friend” of Ben’s apparently told PEOPLE that the two were “just casual”. E! News also reported that “it was not serious to begin with”. Well, no one told Shauna that because she denied the split on camera. She also posted this on Instagram yesterday. 


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That’s a millennial No F-cks To Give face. It’s also a face that knows more than you. Because later, on her Instastory, this photo came up… 


Some think that’s Ben. From far away, sure, you might assume that’s Ben. Zoom in closer though and…to me, at least… it doesn’t look like Ben. Are we supposed to think it’s Ben though? 

As I wrote yesterday in What Else?, dude, you are/were dating a millennial…what did you expect? 

It does set up an interesting conundrum though, doesn’t it? The way it used to work in Hollywood for celebrities, their “sources” would take care of the situation, providing quotes to the magazines etc about your personal life without giving the appearance (at least not outright) that you were participating in stories about your personal life. Oftentimes this is the publicist’s job, or at least the publicists would know about it and everyone on the team would remain onside. No one goes rogue. Unless, of course, no one bothered to tell the millennial girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend. Or undercover girlfriend. I’m getting flashbacks now of Chrissy O. Chrissy went rogue for a few weeks and then disappeared. Shauna though, right now…

Is Shauna Sexton using Instagram to tell Ben, or whoever’s trying to handle Ben’s media, that she won’t let them put her in a corner? 

If so, I kinda love her for this. Because if this is what she’s doing, she’s a disruptor. Remember, the millennial generation might understand gossip better than previous generations. Or, at least, millennials have been navigating new-gossip much more effectively than their predecessors. I wonder, then, if they, Ben and his people, underestimated her. I wonder if they thought being with him was enough of a reward in exchange for compliance and retreat, when, really, the ultimate reward, duh, is to remain in the spotlight. Or be compensated, very handsomely, for not being in the spotlight.