I have never had sweet potato pie. I always thought it was a side dish. Is it a dessert? I think I’ve just learned that it’s a dessert. And the way Al Roker’s ma makes it…or calls it… it certainly sounds like a dessert. I’m saying this in the smarmiest, lame joke voice ever. (Dlisted) 

Well this is a surprise: Paris Hilton isn’t getting married anymore. And now we’re finding out some details about her engagement ring. Something something about how she was the one who got the discount and did he really pay for it himself? Please don’t make me remember the name of the dude she was about to marry and won’t be marrying anymore. It was the only marginally newsworthy story about her in years. (Cele|bitchy) 

Millie Bobby Brown is now a UNICEF Ambassador, the youngest ever. She’s also giving me superhero vibes here. Like for some reason, she’s reminding me of Clark Kent in these photos. Is it just me? I really like her hair this dark. Very Snow White. Oh! Is that what we’re doing? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Chrissy Teigen at the top of this “What celebrity would you spend Thanksgiving with?” list is exactly right. You know why? Chrissy hates turkey. She might make a turkey because she’s a good host, but she thinks turkey sucks, that turkey is trash. Me too. You only like turkey because of memories. You don’t actually like turkey. Like no one would order turkey if it was their last ever meal. Anyway, since Chrissy hates turkey, she would provide an alternative for people who also hate turkey. And that alternative would be DELICIOUS. (Pajiba)  

As I said yesterday, it’s a celebrity tradition, one of the best celebrity traditions – celebrities helping those in need at Thanksgiving, serving food, giving back. Here are Kevin Hart and Pharrell in LA doing their part. (TMZ) 

Has it been a month yet since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up? He’s had another woman tattooed on his body. This time, it’s not a girlfriend or an instant fiancée. (Teen Vogue)