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Not to be a dick or anything but… do we really want to put Milo Ventimiglia aka Jess Mariano in the same category as Coach Eric Taylor? That’s definitely a Coach Taylor outfit though. What is it with dads and those pants? This entire outfit, actually. My dad is probably wearing it today. That said, my dad is bald and wears his Dad Outfit with a sassy little blue beret. Sasha can’t get enough of his beret. It’s her favourite thing. (Dlisted)

Horror movies are not my thing. A few years ago, I had to cover the junket for The Conjuring. That night I voodooed the sh-t out of my hotel room with every spirit-warding trick my mother has ever taught me (put a pair of shoes facing the opposite direction on the highest part of the room) and I still couldn’t sleep and it took me a month to recover. Hauntings are real! Ghosts are real! So WHYYYYYY would anyone want this job? (Jezebel) 

I keep thinking about how Elvis’s style would have changed if he had survived himself. He was only 42. There was so much more time for him to get over the jumpsuits and move on to a different fashion era. If you watch back the 1968 Comeback Special, and in particular the red suit and the white suit, you’ll note that Elvis, back then, was wearing his pants the way men are wearing them now. Slim fit, cut short. You could put those suits on any red carpet today and they’d still work. Would Elvis be Tom Ford? Or would he be a Versace. By way of Zayn? Doubtful.
(Just Jared) 

If I gave birth to two babies at the same time, I would want as much help as possible. I would buy the help. I would throw all the money at the help. And don’t lie, you would too. What, then, was the point of telling people that Amal and George Clooney wouldn’t need the help? Or, if you’re the source who made up the story, what are you getting at with making up the story? Who does it help to say that families don’t need help? (Cele|bitchy)

There was a rumour a few weeks ago that Dior dumped Marion Cotillard. And as I said at the time, I’m not sad about that. Dior wasn’t doing much for her. And so here she is in Chloe. I love this look. I love that it’s part tacky, part elegant. I love the peplum is not supposed to work with that long loose skirt but it does. (GoFugYourself)

There are certain people you can depend on to give boring, safe answers. Sunshine, always. And there are certain people you can depend on to for shade, always. That would be our first lady of rainbow glitter, Ms Mimi. Who was on American Idol strictly for the money. And after taking the money feels no way about sh-tting on the people who paid her. Somehow, not only are we not calling her ungrateful, we are asking for more. This is a gift. (Buzzfeed) 

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