The only reason I am calling it “most predictable” is because yesterday for Smutty Social Media I included a photo of her dress and at the time I was worried because of the shimmer and tassels.

It is indeed shimmery. And there are tassels. It’s midnight blue. Strapless. All of this would be perfectly fine if this were the Emmys. This would be a serviceable dress for an awards show, but this isn’t a regular red carpet. This is an experimentation. And Mindy Kaling LOVES fashion and she’s very, very good at it. This dress was not deserving of her whatsoever.

Look, not everyone is Solange or Rihanna. I get that. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to be Katie Holmes. Mindy truly has the potential to be a consistent and formidable presence in fashion, if only… what? She teamed with the right designer? (This is Prabal Gurung, so I’m surprised it’s such a weak showing.) Worked with the right stylist? Chucked all of the expectations and just went with her gut?

Because when Mindy Kaling researched the MET Gala (and I know she did – she loves a theme party), she absolutely would have familiarized herself with Rei Kawakubo’s legacy. Part of that is the way Kawakubo redefined what it meant for a woman to be “dressed up for a party.” She unravelled femininity in way that was totally rebellious and strange.

And I do not believe Rei Kawakubo redefined fashion just so everyone would one day wear bridesmaids dresses to honour her, OK?

Mindy showed up looking like someone who doesn’t get Comme des Garçons and I don’t believe for one minute that Mindy doesn’t get it. Absolutely nothing gets past her. This is where my disappointment lies.

But even when I don’t love her dress, I’m still mad on her behalf.

Blake Lively has three Vogue covers, Mindy Kaling has none. Mindy Kaling, bestselling author (x2), TV show creator, actress, comedian and general delight beloved by many, deserves a Vogue cover. Her MET Gala look would make a fine winter look. And if this dress was some kind of audition for Anna Wintour, I can let it go.