She does, doesn’t she? And colour. And she looks great in both. Here she is in a printed dress with bold colours on the set of The Mindy Project yesterday. Fashion, however, is not hot topic where Mindy is concerned these days. She’s pregnant. And Oprah told us last week that she was 5 months along at D23. And so people have been wondering Who Is The Father.

Duana and I talked about Mindy’s pregnancy a couple of weeks ago on Show Your Work. Our focus, at the time, was how Mindy’s pregnancy was announced, with an immediate pivot to the fact that it will not be an impact on production, that her work will not be affected by the fact that she’s going to have a baby. It’s an assurance that women have to make much more often than men.

What we didn’t press during that conversation, but certainly alluded to, was Mindy’s “decision” to have a child. And so, to unpack that more thoroughly, does that decision HAVE to include someone else? The speculation about Who Is The Father is interesting, not just because Kathleen wants it to be Chris Pine, but also because immediately the assumption is that there has to be one. I mean, obviously, biologically, there is one. But women like Mindy, with resources, have many more options these days. Certainly a wealthy single woman like Mindy, who is 38 years old, would know about those options. I feel like that’s as likely a possibility as a secret lover?