OMG major flashback. Victoria Principal! I was OBSESSED with Victoria Principal and Andy Gibb. It makes me sad that some of you reading this think I’m speaking a foreign language including and probably our site manager, Emily, who’s a baby, and definitely Kathleen, who is even babier. Sarah too, I’m guessing. I’m telling you, back in the day, Victoria and Andy were THE celebrity couple. And, since I wrote about it in the open, they were both on Battle of the Network Stars! (Dlisted) 

I don’t know what I would do if my ma was on social media posting photos of herself naked when I was a teenager. I feel like it wouldn’t faze me. This is a woman who has no issues talking about her “poo poo” and her “pee pee” whenever, wherever, when she’s describing her illnesses. Rosario Dawson’s daughter evidently has a different perspective. Also she doesn’t have a cell phone and she’s not on social media. She’s 16 years old. Rosario is raising a unicorn. (Cele|bitchy) 

I f-cking love when the Fug Girls do these features and I wish we had thought of it for LaineyGossip – going back 10 years before an award show and checking back at what that red carpet was like. The Golden Globes are on Sunday. In preparation for the show, let’s revisit the Golden Globes in 2009. Mindy Kaling looked like a teenager. Speaking of teenagers, Jenny Humphrey! Of course Evan Rachel Wood’s dress would still hold up today. Of course Blake Lively’s dress is too small. I totally forgot about Beyoncé being there. And sighhhhhh… I miss Cameron Diaz. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Is there an awkward situation you’ve been in with a stranger? What’s the most awkward stranger situation? Don’t say flirting on a plane with someone who ended up just being nice to you and you were way more into it than they were. Because we’re talking Olympian levels of awkward. Like me, last summer, when my period was so out of control, a trail of blood was running down my leg and I didn’t know it until someone at the gas station pointed it out. (Pajiba) 

Jared Leto is one of the people who decided on St Barts over Hawaii and Aspen. Check him out on the beach, hanging out with women who look like models. Who else would he be hanging with? As you can see, Jared is centered in almost every shot, surrounding by beautiful women and admiring men, all of them seemingly hanging on his every word. Like Leonardo DiCaprio, but thinner and with longer hair. (TMZ) 

When you hear the words “surprise album release”, who comes to mind? Beyoncé, of course. Other people have done it, but I’m not sure anyone else has had the same impact. Other than Beyoncé then, is the era of the surprise album release over? (Vulture)