Right up until last Thursday night, I was still trying to get tickets to Beychella Round Two. My friend, also named Kathleen, can usually get access to tickets to exclusive things. She works music festivals a lot so naively, we thought we had a shot. We were going to drain our bank accounts and fly out last minute if she came through. Anything for our Queen. 

We did not get tickets to Beychella. Instead, I lived Beychella Round Two vicariously through Miss Tina’s Instagram. 

If you are following Miss Tina (if you aren’t, fix your life), you know that she is always good for exclusive Beyoncé content. Since Beyoncé keeps her sh-t on lock, at first Miss Tina’s Instagram looked like it was going to veer into Rogue Relative territory but now, it’s a gift I can’t imagine us living without. This weekend, Miss Tina gave us insight into the celebrities who were blessed enough to be present for the greatest performer of all time’s greatest performance. 

Miss Tina danced and sang with Octavia Spencer. 


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She took selfies with Jennifer Hudson. 


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The most gossip-worthy celebrity sighting at Beychella, courtesy of Miss Tina, was Katie Holmes. 


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The only photo from Beychella on Miss Tina’s Instagram with Beyoncé actually in it is this photo with Katie Holmes. That’s not to say that the other celebs didn’t also hang with Beyoncé (JHud has the receipts) but you’ve got to be on a certain tier to get this kind of access to Queen Bey, especially after the incident known as Who Bit Beyoncé?

Katie’s presence specifically still feels random. It’s not random. Jamie Foxx performed at Coachella as a surprise guest. So, the assumption is that Katie was there because of Jamie. But as usual, they weren’t photographed together and it’s not clear if Jamie was at Beychella at all. Plus, Katie has stanned for Beyoncé in the past. I think that Katie Holmes would have been at Beychella with or without Jamie and that makes me like her more. Look at her, with her pass around her neck, looking like a straight up fan. I am very into this Katie Holmes. 

Miss Tina is still being a Proud Mom on Instagram, re-posting fan videos of Beychella like this one: 


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Miss Tina is all of us. HOW is the correct question after Beychella. The only question is HOW? I’ve got another one for Miss Tina though: HOW did you create that? HOW? 

Finally, Miss Tina was living her best life this weekend with her husband Richard Lawson (obsessed with his outfit)… 


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… while the below video of Richard talking about “his daughter” was making the rounds on Twitter. He’s spitting straight facts (no disrespect to Cardi B). Miss Tina and Richard are card-carrying members of the BeyHive and it’s the MOST adorable.