Thanks for checking in with us all day – and if you’re interested in what our work life has been this weekend, Duana and I have posting behind-the-scenes on Instastories. We’re not totally done until tomorrow. But we’ll be back on a regular schedule tomorrow until Oscar weekend. It’s only four weeks away now! 

I’ve really missed Kiki Layne this award season. Last year she was always serving looks during the Beale Street award run. Not sure I love her in the feathers. But…wait, wait, wait… isn’t this Kiki with Dro from Insecure, Sarunas J Jackson?! (JustJared) 

Adele went on holiday with Harry Styles and James Corden. They’ve been friends for a while. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from wondering whether or not they’re collaborating. The Sun will probably have a story about this in a few days. Just like they ran stories all last year about her releasing a new album in 2019. Came and went, no album. (Dlisted) 

The bare feet on planes thing – is this an epidemic? It seems to show up a lot on Twitter. I’m getting on a flight tonight and now I’m worried that I’ll encounter a case of the bare feet. What can you do? What’s the punishment? Should we all come together and agree on one? Are you a barefoot flier? If so, do you feel attacked? Are we being unfair to you? (Pajiba) 
Ana de Armas showed up on most best dressed lists after the Golden Globes. It’s a strapless sequined midnight blue full skirt gown, special because we don’t typically see sequins in a full skirt. How heavy do you think this was? (Cele|bitchy) 

Why can’t I remember that Sandra Bullock wore this purple dress to the Golden Globes ten years ago? Like zero recollection. I’m staring at this photo and nothing is coming up. Am I just tired? (Go Fug Yourself)