We all saw Tom Cruise bounce off that building over the weekend while filming a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6 – Cruise Control—HOW IS THIS NOT THE REAL TITLE—and try to walk it off. But it doesn’t sound like he’s been able to, as now it’s being reported that production is being shut down for several weeks while Cruise recuperates from, possibly, a foot/ankle injury. Not an unfamiliar story—Iron Man 3 shut down after RDJ hurt his ankle during a stunt, and then there was the time the Millennium Falcon tried to kill Harrison Ford.  (And, on a more seriously note, a stunt went wrong on the set of Deadpool 2 that ended in tragedy.) Deadline speculates that M:I 6 might shove off its July 2018 release date because of this, but Tom Cruise will want to minimize this incident as much as possible in order to preserve the illusion that he’s invincible, so I’ll be surprised if that actually comes to pass. Seems more likely they’ll just rearrange the production schedule as best they can to work without him for a while. In fact, Chris McQuarrie just tweeted this:

But the really important question we have to ask, in the wake of this news, is WHAT ABOUT HENRY CAVILL’S MUSTACHE? In case you missed it, Henry Cavill is co-starring in M:I 6, in which he has a mustache. He is also simultaneously doing the Justice League reshoots, in which Superman does not have facial hair. This led to Paramount and Warner Brothers fighting over Henry Cavill’s mustache, with Warners resigning themselves to digitally erasing the mustache from Superman, because for some reason, a fake mustache wouldn’t suffice in a movie about people who routinely wear elaborate fake faces. (This is my favorite movie story of the summer.)

So with production on M:I 6 at a standstill, does this mean Henry Cavill can shave? Can he be-smooth himself for the remainder of the Justice League photography, then re-grow to finish M:I 6? Or will he be forced to maintain the mustache, regardless? Will he, perhaps, be called upon to stroke his luxurious whiskers upon Tom Cruise’s ankle, to speed the recovery of the wounded star? He better be—that mustache better be f*cking magical for a studio to pay untold dollars to digitally erase it.