A year ago at this time, Top Gun: Maverick roared into theatres and became one of the biggest movies of 2022. Now Monica Barbaro is in another action movie with a big action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pretty sure this one won’t get the attention of TG:M but I am interested in the project she’ll be working on this summer. She’s playing Joan Baez in the Bob Dylan biopic starring Timothée Chalamet. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Did we talk about Rihanna’s toe ring last week? It’s enormous, and it looks like it would be painful if it ended up at a bad angle and jabbing into something and also painful if you were to trip and damage the stone somehow, although I guess celebrities don’t worry about that sh-t. Anyway, I’m of the generation that thinks Jennifer Aniston when the subject of toe rings comes up because she is devoted to the toe ring thing and has been for 25 years now. Will Rihanna have this kind of toe ring dedication? (Dlisted) 

Justin Theroux says he talks to Jennifer Aniston but doesn’t talk about Jennifer Aniston and that having experienced what it’s like to be a in a public relationship, he will never be in one again. Which is a way better way of saying it than making it about geography and art – as in New York is way cooler and ediger than Los Angeles. If you recall, that was the narrative when they first split up. (Cele|bitchy) 


It's been a week since Phillip Schofield announced his departure from This Morning in the UK – and it turns out that was just another beginning to another chapter in this mess. Not surprisingly, as Kayleigh Donaldson points out, the British tabloid media is involved. (Pajiba) 

I just tried this last week on The Social cutting a cake with a wine glass instead of a knife. Which apparently is what you do at a picnic. First of all, as already mentioned, I hate picnics, I hate sitting on grass, never mind eating on grass. As for the cake cutting with the wine glass – it’s kinda fun, I guess, but if it’s a cake with icing, you end up just with icing and not much cake, unless you’re using a huge wine glass. And I need a good icing to cake ratio with a piece of cake. A mouthful of all icing… isn’t that wayyyyyyy too sweet? (Eater)