Chris Martin was the surprise guests at a benefit held at a pub in London last night. Just 48 hours earlier, he was in New York running from paparazzi after his wife Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a dinner party for her famous friends featuring a few recipes from her upcoming cookbook. SO MUCH MORE on that dinner party later. Click here if you missed the shot of him booking it like a f-cking idiot just because he didn’t want anyone to see him somewhere supporting the mother of his children.

He was however much more welcoming of cameras on stage without her. In his defence, maybe he’s more comfortable when he’s performing? And the centre of attention…?

There were three songs: Wedding Bells, a cover of Oasis’s Wonderwall (which is kinda awesome because one of those Gallaghers, I can’t remember which but I’m sure some know-it-all will remind me, hates Coldplay), and Green Eyes, joined by Simon Pegg.

People used to say that Chris stopped singing Green Eyes when he met Gwyneth and were all suspicious when he reintroduced it during shows a couple of years ago. I don’t know if I buy that story. But whatever. We need to talk more about her dinner party.

Of course The New York Times was there.

Of course they have pictures. And the menu!

Of course there were 60 people and Gwyneth claims to have done all the prepping herself.

Of course her friends are quoted through the evening.

Of course Jessica Seinfeld says that G makes the best gravy ever.

Of course Christy Turlington talked about the duck that G served her at New Year’s Eve.

Of course Mario Batali wore crocs.

Of course G is photographed in an apron!

We find out more about the exclusive guest list, we even see shots of the table settings (Lorella, I KNOW you’ve already left my site and clicked over to the NYT), and we also now know that Jerry Seinfeld was seated next to G at her table.


You wish you were there.

I do.


WHY, Gwyneth? Why so Try?

Click here for the NYT articles. Click here for pictures from the dinner party.

Attached – Chris Martin videos below, photos too, Gwyneth cooking on Regis, and, Gwyneth flaunting her hard body in Self. Click here to see more shots of her in her bikini.

Photos from Nick Pickles/