You know I have opinions. And we’ll get to those in just a moment. But first I find myself having to say something… if not in Blake Lively’s defense, then on her behalf:

We stay up all night to write, and it’s inevitable that sometimes I forget what it was I wanted to say or whether the same designer designed dresses for two mortal enemies, or what. So I often find myself googling ‘Person + Met Gala 2017’ and skimming to remind myself who made what or etc. And I know all the outlets are on the same schedule we are.

But dudes, you’re publishing all these photos of Blake Lively from the waist or even the knees up, and cutting off the most interesting part of the dress! Or, as I said to Lainey, the part of the dress that actually makes it interesting.

Is it CDG? Is it on-theme? It is not. But the riot of blue makes it unexpected, which, as we said with Reese Witherspoon earlier, is baby steps.

This look could have been improved exponentially if she’d done something interesting or architectural with her hair or makeup, instead of ‘blonde beauty’. Even Katie Holmes got a little creative with the eyeshadow…

But I guess if she had done that, we might not have seen them featured on 'Humans of New York', where the entire caption is a quote from Ryan Reynolds talking about how empathetic Blake is, and how she helped him improve his own empathy, his perspective on his father, etc. It’s nicely timed. I guess they were always going to do this Humans Of New York spot and the only time they could coordinate to take the picture was on MET Gala night, right?

I have been called contrary on this blog and I have denied it (which, ha). But while everything Ryan Reynolds says about his wife may be absolutely true—probably is, in fact—I hate that because it’s constructed this way and covered in ‘likes’ on Instagram we now are obligated to “Awwww” about them and their love for the next two days. It’s just so… overt.

If Lainey were writing this, she might wonder whether it was the custom Atelier Versace that made Blake feel especially empathetic. For my part, I wonder if she was polite and warm to people asking her questions and taking her picture tonight. Since, of course, those pictures will be published everywhere, which gives her a higher profile, which allows her to work on behalf of important causes. Do you suppose she was?