Dear Gossips, 

One of our dogs started shifting and woke my husband up at 4am this morning. Instead of going back to sleep, he checked his phone first for US election updates. You know who didn’t go back to sleep even though there was an agreement for him to get some sleep?

Steve Kornacki!


Last night Ali Velshi tweeted that they’d all negotiated a rest treaty with Steve because Steve has not properly rested since Monday night:

But, as you probably know, there were “dramatic new developments” in the battleground states and so… well… to no one’s surprise, really: 


Steve Kornacki is MSNBC’s MVP right now. People trust him, and that’s what’s most important. But that trust has also given birth to thirst. The Steve Kornacki thirst is all over social media, including my social media. For the last few days, the first thing I check on Twitter hasn’t been BTS news, it’s been #TrackingKornacki. BTS will understand. Because Steve Kornacki and BTS have the same work ethic: it’s relentless, without compromising on quality. 

Those thirst tweets though, I mean, they’re really, really funny. 


What also interesting about the thirst is how aware of it his colleagues are – and how they seem, at least on the surface, to know that Steve showing his work, and inspiring the thirst, means that their own work will be seen. Because Steve is the big draw for MSNBC. So while there isn’t a winner in the presidential race yet, everybody at MSNBC is winning. 

And now, without any answers, but with Steve indefatigably getting us closer to the answers as accurately as possible, we are just a day away from Saturday Night Live and what their work might look like as the White House hangs in the balance. What will Dave Chappelle say in his monologue? What will they do in the cold open? And a new question after this week’s election coverage: 


Better yet… 

Will Steve Kornacki BE on SNL this weekend? They would have to move the map. As we all know by now, Steve won’t leave his map. But SNL is NBC. MSNBC is NBC. They are all in the same building. SNL would want it. But is that what Steve would want? Or, if he’s not sleeping, would he prefer to spend the time crunching his numbers? 

Yours in gossip,