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At the MTV VMAs last night, for its 40th anniversary, MTV brought back several industry legends at various points in the night to celebrate its history. Which makes sense for those of us who came of age at the same time but I am curious how many from the TikTok generation knew who David Lee Roth was when he showed up. To be honest, maybe because I had a hot compress covering one of my eyes at the time, I thought at first it was Billy Idol. 


Of course no one had trouble identifying the show opener though: Madonna. Madonna and MTV are inextricably linked. And whether you’re a fan or not, it’s undeniable the influence that Madonna has had on the music video artform….though the artform that she appeared to be highlighting last night is her ass. Her ass blew up on social media immediately after she walked it offstage. Which, of course, Madonna being Madonna, she knew it would, she wanted it to. If there’s still any doubt about that, check out her Instagram post – three slides in this carousel are dedicated to her ass: 


After all these years, she still knows how to create a VMAs moment. And this has become an MTV tradition: every pop princess has an MTV moment. So when I saw Madonna, and her ass, last night, my mind immediately went to M’s MTV successor, Britney Spears, who’s had her share of all-time memorable VMAs moments. 

Britney did not attend last night. But just before the event started, she almost stole it with her announcement: 


So just days after Jamie Spears announced that he would finally step down as her conservator, Sam Asghari puts a ring on it. And he seems to know what we’re all thinking: 

Sam Asghari's Instagram Story

Am I naïve to think that the fact that they have such a sense of humour about it is a good sign? 

We’ll have other select highlights from the VMAs through the day and more. So much more. Because right now, we are feasting on gossip. Everything is happening all at once. TIFF all weekend, VMAs, the Met Gala tonight, and Bennifer, Bennifer, Bennifer. 

So heads up that the site will likely be heavy over the next few days, check back often!

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