What we think we know: the #Beybies have been born. At least according to multiple media outlets and Mathew Knowles, who tweeted this yesterday:

And then he subsequently got dragged by the Beygency on social media for making the announcement before Beyoncé herself, even though Miss Tina liked the tweet. Miss Tina, by the way, was in New York this weekend for a wedding:


In New York for my friends son's wedding ! ❤️❤️God lets things happen in his time not ours! Dont try to rush him!

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Don’t try to rush God. And Beyoncé.

If Tina’s in New York though, it means that whatever’s going on, she felt OK to travel. What’s going on, according to TMZ is that the twins were born on Monday but have been kept in hospital for a “minor issue” though their sources are stressing that Beyoncé and the babies are fine.

What we don’t know: Beyoncé has not spoken. And, from experience, until she speaks, or posts on her website, nothing is truly known. We don’t know, really, about when the twins actually arrived, so that we can add it to our holiday calendar. We don’t know about the names, if it’s really a boy and a girl. And, most importantly, we do not know what the Blue Ivy Carter is doing, and what Gucci outfit she wore to celebrate becoming a big sister. This is very important and I hope Beyoncé, when she’s good and ready, once the official photographer has presented the photo shoot selects to her for approval and entry into the archive, will take the time to share with us Blue Ivy’s wardrobe on this occasion.

Will that be today? Today is Juneteenth. And BK is from Texas.