R Kelly and his legal team are desperate because this explanation that they just tried… it’s epic foolery. And also scientifically baseless. So f-cking tired of the whole MSG thing. It’s bullsh-t, and it’s always associated with Chinese food which has shaped an entire generation’s misconception about it. Another reason to hate R Kelly. (Dlisted) 


BLACKPINK’s Lisa has released her first solo project, and the video for “Lalisa” is visual overload. I’ve watched it twice, I’m still trying to process. Because I have to hit pause every five seconds just to take in these looks. This hair. This makeup. These accessories. Her forehead! Lisa never shows her forehead! Which is why my favourite of all these outfits might be the long straight hair and the toque. But that may change on my next watch because like I said, there’s so much here, and I haven’t even gotten to her quick rapping and the choreo yet! (PopSugar) 

There’s a Dior exhibit that just opened in Brooklyn and these haute couture gowns look heavy. I wonder if they’re as heavy to wear as they look. The next generation of celebrity turned out for this event, so Dior is trying to engage with a younger generation. Which means Jennifer Lawrence is no longer considered the younger generation. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Anastasia wrote about Addison Rae’s Netflix movie, He’s All That, earlier this week. It’s not highly regarded – but it doesn’t seem to matter because it was so sh-tty that a lot of people talked about it, and besides, Netflix always measures by its algorithm and not reviews. The algorithm, as Anastasia noted in her post, must have told them that Gen Z was all about it though because they want more from Addison. (Cele|bitchy) 

Met Gala Monday. It’s going to be a motherload of fashion. Here’s a quiz that asks your Met Gala preferences and tells you who you’d be seated with if you were invited, AS IF, lol. I got Lady Gaga. And I’m happy with this. I would love to sit with Gaga. But wait. Who are the other options? Who did you get? (Buzzfeed)