I don’t have a problem with Hailey Bieber’s coat. It’s obviously intended to be a statement, it looks comfortable, and it looks light, which I appreciate because winter coats often feel like a workout. So the coat is fine, whatever. I object to the baseball cap. Wearing a beer brand hat is never, ever going to be my thing. (Go Fug Yourself)


If you’ve seen The Social Dilemma, you’ve probably gone back and forth a thousand times about deleting all your accounts because …they are out to get us! Or they’ve already gotten us. But also, deleting social media would mean missing out moments like these, which made social media such a fun and creative place, in the right hands. There is no one on the planet who is objecting to this remix. (Dlisted)

Last week Michael B Jordan took his shirt off and bit his lip in bed in service of democracy. But also? In service of your spank bank, let’s be real. This week it’s his Black Panther co-star Winston Duke who bypassed voting completely and just gave it to us straight: he couldn’t sleep and he took his shirt off and this one is for the spank bank too. (Pajiba)


British papers are still on Meghan Markle (they forever will be) and they're now speculating whether or not she’ll scale back her “extreme positions” to protect Prince Harry which… you might be inclined to wave this away of some tabloid f-ckery but this is some sinister sh-t. Because when you characterise encouraging people to vote as an “extreme position”, when you call advocating for racial equality an “extreme position”, you’re undermining basic human rights. These are not “extreme positions”. These are actual VALUES. And it’s exactly the kind of tactic that’s led to the erosion of empathy and democracy. (Cele|bitchy)

I really love it when musicians tell Donald Trump to f-ck off, that they don’t want him playing their music at his “tragic rallies” (Rihanna’s words), even when his administration offers to pay for it. Here’s a list of artists who’ve rejected him …with explanations. (Vulture)