Dear Gossips, 

In April 2019, before Beyoncé’s Homecoming premiered on Netflix, there were a lot of us trying to find out exactly what time it was happening because we were making our all-nighter plans. April 17 was a Wednesday and Homecoming was one of those events where, for some of us at least, waiting until Wednesday night after work to watch it, knowing that people would be tweeting about it all day and posting articles online, wasn’t an option. I remember Duana and Kathleen showed up my place around 130am, we hit play right at 3am, and then started recording a special Show Your Work episode at 6am. 


Right now, then, we’re trying to figure out what to do for BLACK IS KING, scheduled for release on Disney+ on July 31. Which is Friday. So will it work the same way as Homecoming? As in 12am PT/3am ET on July 31 which is Thursday overnight? So are we all pulling an all-nighter on Thursday night? Probably. Like I just said, you never want to miss out on the collective experience of a Beyoncé event. Especially now, when the “collective experience” has taken on new meaning during the pandemic – more than ever, “collective” is virtual. And BLACK IS KING will 100% be dominating social platforms the moment Disney+ makes it available. 

Is there a way that “collective” can actually be in person? With physical distancing guidelines these days, when we do see each other, we only do it outside, in someone’s yard, spaced at least six feet apart. There’s been some talk in my circles of putting up a projector. But then, with the timing (in the middle of the night), there’s the issue with not wanting to piss off the neighbours. Beyoncé is the most excellent reason possible but, you know, neighbour drama is a real thing. 


This, then, is my current preoccupation – as it should be! The Queen is releasing new work. It is expected that we get our sh-t together to properly appreciate her work. Make sure your subscription is in order. Make sure your speakers are adjusted to the right sound levels. Organise your week so that everything is in place for Thursday night/Friday. Beyoncé is coming. 


Yours in gossip,