Dear Gossips, 

I don’t remember paying all that much attention in the past to celebrity April Fool’s jokes but a few of them this year were very, very good. Not a huge fan of Michael Che and Colin Jost on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live but I do like it when Che embarrasses Colin. Most of the time it involves making Colin say sh-t that no white man, especially a white man who looks like Colin, should say but this weekend Che clowned his ego. Up to this point on the show, every joke that Colin told was met with muted laughter, basically the comedy crowd version of golf claps. By contrast, the audience found everything Che said hysterical. And then this: 


Overall it was one of the strongest episodes of the season, and hosted by Quinta Brunson, continuing her run of excellence. It was great to see her tapping into her dark and mischievous side. And I LOOOOOOOOVED the first sketch, the one where they were competing over the whitest cocaine. 

“My cocaine so white it was written by Noah Baumbach.”

That line is an instant classic. 

Other April Fool’s highlights – Sarah Polley’s pre-teen kid coming for her Oscar: 


 And the response below that from Edward Berger, director and cowriter of All Quiet On The Western Front: 


Usher, on the other hand, put himself in great danger at one of his shows when he did this at Dreamville Festival. 

You know how the BeyHive can be. Last I heard, he’s doing OK. But sometimes the Beygency will attack when you least expect it. 


And finally, my personal favourite, because one of my friends totally bought it and sent it to me, without realising that the caption was updated later. He was all like, OMG THIS IS HAPPENING, until I had to tell him it was April Fool’s. At which point he let himself out. 

I think a lot of other people believed it too, judging from the comments. 

Can April Fool’s be bigger than Halloween? I hate Halloween, so much. Like what a f-cking production it is. How much energy is spent on the costumes. But you know how some people spend months planning their Halloween thing? I would co-sign transferring all that energy to April Fool’s. 

Yours in gossip,