The Fug Girls highlight the red on the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards starting with Elisabeth Olsen in red velvet. My favourite red look, however, was on Selena Gomez – it was her first CCAs, just like it was her first SAGs a couple of weeks ago, and she’s really bringing the style to these award show red carpets. Both looks have been outstanding. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Tom Brady unretired after 40 days, announcing yesterday that he will return to the NFL and Tampa Bay. And then social media started clowning Aaron Rodgers because he was supposed to be the one in the spotlight after confirming that he’d be back with the Green Bay Packers and a better shot in the NFC without Brady. Sports culture is petty as f-ck. Just as petty as whatever culture is associated with women, see? (Dlisted) 

Doesn’t seem like Kieran Culkin prepared any remarks for the Critics Choice Awards last night because his speech was all over the place and kinda meta because, like, even though Roman Roy would have better quips, he’s not the type to write sh-t down and pull out a piece of paper with thoughts and names scribbled on it either. (Pajiba) 


Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton are together. And they were together on the red carpet at the BAFTAs holding hands. They’ve been on carpets before, side-by-side, as colleagues. But it’s rare to see them side-by-side, like as a couple. He looks great in his tux and I loooooove her dress. (Cele|bitchy) 

Are you watching Abbott Elementary? Maria loves this show. I love this show. A LOT of people love this show. And now it’s getting a second season! (The Hollywood Reporter)