Finding Freedom, the book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by royal reporters Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, is coming out next week. One of the reasons why the book has generated so much interest is because the UK press in particular has taken very personally some of the book’s revelations and insight about the Sussexes’ relationship with the British media which has resulted in a storyline within a storyline about the coverage. It’s the inside baseball of the inside baseball. 


In the UK, it was The Sunday Times that was offered advance access to Finding Freedom and they chose to excerpt most of what was already known and reported about the drama unfolding behind the scenes at the palaces and Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the press. Over in the United States, however, PEOPLE Magazine went with the true exclusives – like what it was like on Harry and Meghan’s first date, Harry’s use of the ghost emoji, and of course the emergence of Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal dresser, as one of the viper courtiers stirring sh-t behind the scenes. How The Times missed all of this piping hot tea is beyond me.

One more thing The Times in the UK missed out on: the name of Harry and Meghan’s black lab, Pula. It’s been almost two years that the Sussexes have been able to keep Pula’s name concealed. And you’ll recall, the mystery of Pula has been an online preoccupation for some time (I just linked to two of many articles from 2018 that were about the dog now known as Pula). I mean for a while nobody even knew that Pula was a lab. There were photos circulating that claimed to be shots of Pula with Meghan but that were eventually discredited. The point is, this was a secret that people were trying to uncover rather unsuccessfully. One royal biographer went so far as to claim that Pula’s name was Oz.


So it’s an excellent example of what sources actually know when they claim to know things. Back in 2018, clearly, Harry and Meghan were holding back information and, perhaps, waiting to see which information, either accurate or inaccurate, was actually leaked and reported – like the name Oz. Because in some way, it’s like catching someone in the act. That just reminded me of Coleen Rooney setting that trap for Rebekah Vardy, LOL. 

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, today is Meghan Markle’s birthday and Prince Charles and Prince William and Kate have all posted well-wishes for her on social media. The Queen too. The real honour from the Queen though would be a Beyoncé Happy Birthday message. Beyoncé, as we know, has already declared that Meghan is under the exclusive protection of the Beygency. So while Prince Andrew may be shielded by the British royal institution, Meghan has her own Queensguard. 

Beyoncé has been known to honour people on her website with birthday posts. Right now her website is all about Black Is King. There was a rumour a couple of days ago that Meghan might be in Black Is King. That never happened. But I wonder if, since they’re both in LA now, the ultimate birthday message that Meghan’s receiving today might be something from the true Queen of our universe, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.