Do I have your attention? Yesterday, British rapper Skepta posted a picture of a sonogram to Instagram. In the post you can clearly see the words “Baby Adenuga” sitting atop the image of a 3D baby face (these are creepy, right?). Skepta’s real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga and his last rumoured relationship was with Naomi Campbell. Of course, the natural question has become whether or not this creepy fetus face lives inside Naomi Campbell. 


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Let’s lay out what we do know. Skepta and Naomi Campbell met in November 2016. In October 2017, Naomi was nestling up against Skepta’s gold-chained chest on Twitter. 


Sources told The Sun that they were going on “secret dates” in January 2018. Then, Naomi and Skepta posed topless together on this year’s April issue of British GQ with a cover heading that read “Race, Sex, Love & Power - When Naomi met Skepta”. They also gave a joint interview to GQ that only poured fuel on the dating rumours and since neither Naomi nor Skepta denied the romance, their silence was interpreted as a confirmation. 


In June, Skepta tweeted the pregnant lady emoji at a fan in response to a comment about Naomi.

I know nothing about sonograms so I don’t know how they came to this conclusion but Metro UK says that the “3D scan sonogram suggests that the pregnancy is in the third trimester.” On July 19th, Naomi was spotted walking around Soho with an unidentified man who kinda looks like Skepta but unless his tattoos magically disappeared, it’s not him. Naomi also does not look like she’s in her third trimester here. 


We can’t talk about a potential Naomi Campbell pregnancy without discussing her age. Naomi is 48 years old. Last year, she talked to ES Magazine about becoming a mother later in life. 

"I think about having children all the time. But now with the way science is I think I can do it when I want." 

She’s not wrong. Janet Jackson gave birth to her first son when she was 50. It’s not impossible anymore for women to choose to have children after establishing their careers, as Naomi put it, “when [they] want” – it’s a privilege that comes with money and it’s still not guaranteed but it’s possible. Naomi Campbell *could* be pregnant, but is she? Another theory is that Naomi and Skepta could be welcoming a baby via surrogate, BUT ARE THEY? 


Naomi has yet to post anything on her social media accounts about Skepta’s announcement. She did post a bikini picture to her stories a few hours ago that may or may not be a subtle way to say “do I look f-cking pregnant?” I also don’t know if I buy that Naomi would let Skepta announce something this big casually on his Instagram as cryptically as he did. IF it is her baby, I would bet that Skepta’s post was cleared by Naomi first. I would wager good money on that guess because of this tidbit from their joint GQ feature: 

He asks for a bottle of Evian, but Campbell, now in a black slip dress, is not happy. “Lemon water is much better for you,” she says, disapprovingly, stopping him opening the bottle. “He’ll have the lemon water,” she tells the agent on hand. Skepta, without so much as flinching, obeys. Campbell finally looks content.

Naomi calls the shots, as she should. She and Skepta are not following each other on Instagram or Twitter and their pages are lacking in PDA. Again, Naomi is 48. She’s not a millennial. I don’t think her social media habits dictate her relationship status like they do for Gigi Hadid, for example, but I also think she’s above announcing the birth of her baby via a half-assed post by Skepta. There’s also a little rumour that Skepta has had a secret girlfriend this whole time (blogger Alanna Wain) but the source is sketchy at best.

I really want this to be true. I’m selfish and superficial so if nothing else, I desperately want to see what the spawn of Naomi Campbell looks like. I already know we will not be worthy. If the baby in Skepta’s sonogram is not Naomi Campbell’s, a denial is coming soon, right? By now their reps have been contacted. Their mentions are full of fans demanding an answer. If there’s no denial, is that once again a silent confirmation? 

Here's Naomi out in New York with that unidentified male (UPDATE: He's been identified as her trainer, Joe Holder. Thanks J!) and also speaking at OZY Fest earlier this month.