Naomi Osaka is on the cover of Sports Illustrated and she looks amazing and her documentary is definitely on my watch list, I’m just trying to finish Never Have I Ever right now, and there should be no problem with this because Naomi is sports and her body is Olympian and she’s stylish and, and, and all the things so for the people bitching about her covering too many magazine covers, or whatever, I mean we’ve had literally centuries of the same people, and you know who they are, covering magazine covers over and over again so why is this a f-cking problem? (Cele|bitchy) 


Hailey Bieber has clarified that she’s not pregnant and I’m not sure why anyone thought she was because if she was… wouldn’t the post be a little more… MORE? Like if Justin Bieber is going to tell the world that he’s about to be a father, it would at least involve a bump shot, right? And some kind of photo shoot, right? Everyone does a photo shoot now, especially celebrities at the Bieber level. (Dlisted) 

A Valentino collection is always bright and pop and FLOUFFY. And a Valentino collection now that red carpets have been happening again, or at least that’s what people thought, is all of that flouffy and MORE. Extra. Big. Spectacle. I’m here for this. I do not want a sedate red carpet season. Bring on everything at the same time. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Like Jen Maravegias at Pajiba, I too like to eat. I consider a good dinner a good investment, even though there’s nothing to show for it after… but memories! When my best friend Fiona and I plan our dinners, it sometimes takes us weeks. We research places, we study the menu, we make it a date, just us, and we luxuriate in what we order. I haven’t seen her in two years. So when we reunite, for sure our dinner is going to be an investment. Same goes with my friend Lorella. We once ate our way through London and at one of our dinners, we ordered so much food that they moved us from a table for two to a table for six. My point is, there are certain meals, like stunt meals, that I think are ridiculous, but others that I would for sure go in on. Including this bowl of pho. With lobster AND beef, like several kinds of it. AND it’s $79 which… really? Have you been to Vegas? A very ordinary steak in Vegas can be $75. This bowl of pho in comparison seems like a steal. (Pajiba) 

Cannes spent a million on COVID testing and I wonder if other festivals are doing the same. (Variety)