Does that sound like the title of a Rachel Cohn/David Levithan book, only much less clever? The subjects are just as cute too. And I feel like a scene like this could totally happen. 

Here are Billy Crudup and Naomi Watts at Charles de Gaulle in Paris this week. It’s been exactly a year now since news broke that they’re together after working on Gypsy. Which would have been about six months or so-ish after she and Liev Schreiber confirmed their split. Liev, who is 50, was seen a week ago with his girlfriend Taylor Nelson on the beach. If you can’t be bothered to click on that link, let me sum it up for you: Taylor is 26, a former Miss South Dakota. In other words, yes, this is a story you’ve read before. 

A story that’s getting more and more play these days, however, is the story that looks like Naomi’s. As I said when it was first revealed that they were dating, they’re in the same place in their lives. Not unlike how Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are in the same place in their lives, only without the possible murky timeline. Naomi and Billy look really happy. They’ve looked happy every time we’ve seen them together since they’ve been together. I can’t find anything to dump on, can you?